Kiwi Spinach Daal Fry

Kiwi fruit in a spicy spinach daal is the perfect innovative touch to your age old time tested palak daal! Try our Chef Exclusive recipe and make your lunch, finger licking good!


Bread Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamuns are an intricate part of the menu in every Indian festival where the lovely sweetmeat is gobbled up by relatives before it gets cold. Have you tried an innovative spin to the traditional “khoya” gulab jamun? Here’s your chance! Try “The Housewife Kitchen” special, bread gulab jamun and be a star at your party with a creative difference! 🙂

Mixed Fruit Paratha

At The Housewife Kitchen, this innovative breakfast /lunch recipe of Mixed Fruit Parathas are the best way to spice up the delish quotient on a hitherto humble paratha recipe!

Onion Kheer

Yes, you read that right! Onions can make a wonderful kheer too! If you think this is wacky, check out the recipe from our Chef Exclusive at The Housewife Kitchen. And enjoy the delicacy in its chilled form 🙂

Chocolate Dosa

Chocolate is one of the most sinful pleasures of modern times and if Indian cuisine can get any more whacky, then the chocolate dosa surely starts off on the right note. Relish this fantastic chocolate dosa recipe from the creators of “The Housewife Kitchen” !

Mango Mosambi Daal Fry

Summer is here and the king of fruits – Mango – too! Mango Mosambi daal fry is a unique combo of citrus-y and sour taste that enhances your appetite and leaves you licking you fingers and asking for more!

Bottle-Gourd Paneer Barfi

Bottle Gourd is a misunderstood vegetable when it comes to sweets but we at Housewife Kitchen make it the best dessert ever served at a kitty party ! Try out this delicious and different recipe of a bottle gourd paneer barfi !

Carrot Puran Poli

Why always do we need to make our favorite Puran Poli with jaggery? Read our Chef exclusive recipe of yummy and tasty Carrot Puran Poli !

Pumpkin Laddu

Home made sinfully sweet pumpkin laddus will eventually be your way to show your kitty party gang how innovative your cooking gets with desserts on your menu!

Cabbage Pickle

Vegetables in pickles? Why not! Try our spicy cabbage pickle with rotis or parathas and enthrall your diners!

Fruit Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji with a dash of fruit-y flavors from punchy Kiwis to sweet apples are a delight you don’t want to miss! Try our Chef Exclusive recipe of Fruit Paneer Bhurji and enjoy the fusion!

Stuffed Potato Button Idli

Who said idlis need to be the same old boring breakfast early morning? Try out our innovative stuffed potato button idlis and freshen up your traditional idli recipe!