Dry Fruits Pakora

Dry Fruits especially cashews are a hot favourite with kids and adults alike. And on a rainy day what else could be a better treat than to sit down watching the rain and pakora with a hot cup of tea? Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

Spring Roll Stuffed Roti

Veg Spring Rolls are a delicious starter but have you been served with Spring Roll Stuffed Roti? Give it a try, it tastes fantastic!

Bread Pizza

Tired of ordering pizza and waiting for it to arrive? Well, here’s a quick hunger fix that can quell the craving for a pizza. Grab some bread, let’s make some bread pizza!

Strawberry Chocolate Lollipops

Lollipops were every kid’s favourite pass time and here we are innovating on ways to get fruits and chocolates combined together for a pleasant sinful experience. Try the chocolate strawberry lollipop & then you know what you always missed at the movies – Finger licking good lollipops !

Maggie Tikki

Spicy masala maggi is a treat on a lazy Saturday but why not make it more fun with an innovative Maggie masala Tikki? Try it out, it tastes fantastic!

Sweet Potato Puran Poli

Ever tried making Puran Poli with sweet potatoes? Sounds different and innovative yet tastes yummier than ever! You’re festivities will crave more for this than ever before!

Cashew Capsicum Curry

Cashews are an all time favourite but have you ever wanted to put them in a curry with spicy fried capsicum? You should!

Nutella Samosa

Savoury samosas with sinful nutella- sounds awesome, isn’t it? Tastes equally yummy! Try this fantastic nutella samosa recipe that is easier to make than your traditional spicy potato samosa!

Pineapple Pancake

Experimented a savoury dish with pineapple? Here’s your recipe to get started on! The sweet and sour taste of the pineapple adds the extra zing and mystery to the normal rice or green gram pancakes that we make. What we need? 1 cup of green gram soaked in water for an hour and half, coriander…

Maggie Veg Pakoda

Ardent fan of Maggie noodles? Let’s get your senses racing with maggie vegetarian pakoda!

Nutella Kebabs

Who doesn’t love Nutella? But have you given it a spicy spin? Probably never thought of it! Trust me, you will lick your fingers with this spicy “Hara Bhara” spinach kebabs finished off with Nutella!

Spicy Mosambi Rice

Lemon rice is boring, tamarind rice is too predictable. Have you ever wanted to use Mosambi ( Sweet lime ) juice to pep up your regular dish to another innovative level? It tastes fantastic, for sure!