Watermelon Halwa

Halwa is a favourite among sweet lovers, isn’t that right? Carrots are an obvious choice in many households with Kesar, Sujji & Pumpkin being the other preferred choices across the Indian halwa range

Trying to move out of the box and explore an innovative vegetable/fruit to cook with, we stumbled across the recipe for watermelon halwa. Yes, you read it right!

What do we need?

1/2 Kg watermelon, powdered sugar – 1 cup, cashews – 1 cup, almonds – 1 cup, pista – 1 cup, kesar – small spoonful,  ghee – 2 cups, milk – 1.1/2 cup.

How to prepare it?

Cut up the watermelon into long pieces and grate them. Remove the juice and strain the grated watermelon into a dish. Cut the dry fruits – cashews, almonds and the pistachios into small bits and keep ready. Put the ghee into a vessel and heat by adding the grated watermelon and the milk. Keep stirring to avoid burning. Once the mass comes close together, add the sugar and finely chopped dry fruits and mix well after sprinkling the kesar on top.

Garnish the halwa with cashew and almonds as per your choice. Serve hot with ice cream of your choice, on the side!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Syamala.S says:

    Watermelon halwa idea super.Icooked watermelon mysorepav.It was also good


    1. The Housewife Kitchen says:

      Thanks 🙂


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