Kit-Kat Gulab Jamun

**This is a Chef special from The Housewife Kitchen, do not copy without the written consent of the author. This is a copyright of Team “The Housewife Kitchen” However, please feel free to share this page link with proper credit. Cheers!**

Chocolate lovers find reasons to have more of it, more often! What better way to relish your favourite chocolate than to make sweet Gulab Jamuns with it? Sounds deliciously sinful !

What we need?

I used the MTR Gulab Jamun mix packet – 1, sugar – 1 cup, Kit Kat chocolate bars – 4, cardamoms- 4, baking soda – a pinch full, ghee – 1 cup.

How to prepare this?

Crush the cardamoms into a coarse powder. Add sugar and water to it and prepare a syrup by heating it as shown in the picture till you have a thread like consistency. Keep aside the hot syrup. Take the MTR Gulab jamun mix (or Khoya if you prefer it so) and add the baking soda to it. Use ghee to prepare a dough out of this mixture. Make small balls of the dough. Cut up the Kit Kat chocolate wafer into nice little square cubes. Incorporate the cut cubes inside the small dough balls and cover it entirely. Heat the Kadhai and deep fry your dough balls with the Kit Kat cubes till they are golden brown.

Add them to the hot syrup and serve with vanilla ice cream on the side for maximum effect. As they bite into your Gulab Jamun, they get the crunch of the chocolate wafer and you get all the compliments !


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