Dairy Milk Chocolate Pakora

If chocolate and spice combine, the combo would certainly be bombastic! Taste your Dairy Milk chocolate with a new zing inside a pakora cover. Imagine the surprise they will get when they bite into it – totally worth it!

What do we need?

Dairy milk chocolate – 2 bars, Bread – 4 or 5 pieces, sugar – 1 small cup, food colour – a pinch, salt – a pinch, water, refined sunflower oil.

How do we prepare it?

Cut the brown edges off the bread. Cut the bread into two halves. Take some water into a flat plate and mix sugar, a pinch of salt, a pinch of food colour and mix well together to dissolve the sugar completely. Dip and completely drain the bread pieces in the water. The bread pieces will now be coloured with the food colour. Now take a piece of the dairy milk chocolate and place it in the bread piece and cover it on all four sides with the bread. Press together the edges all over the chocolate such that they stick together covering the chocolate cube inside firmly. Make your bread chocolate packs as many as required. Dip these wet drained packs in besan flour mixed with water. Take a pan and pour oil. Heat it to a boil and fry the bread covered chocolate in it. Once cooked remove them and serve hot.


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