Nutella Kebabs

**This is a Chef special from The Housewife Kitchen, do not copy without the written consent of the author. This is a copyright of Team “The Housewife Kitchen” However, please feel free to share this page link with proper credit. Cheers!**

Who doesn’t love Nutella? But have you given it a spicy spin? Probably never thought of it! Trust me, you will lick your fingers with this spicy “Hara Bhara” spinach kebabs finished off with Nutella!

What we need?

Spinach – 12 to 15 leaves, coriander, potatoes -2, green peas, chilli powder, green chillies, onions, all purpose flour/corn flour, salt.

How do we prepare it?

Put salt in a pan of water and boil the spinach leaves for 4 mins. Remove the leavers and wash in cold water. Chop finely and set aside. Cook potatoes & green peas in a cooker, mash and set aside in a bowl. In another bowl, take some corn /all purpose flour. Add the chopped spinach leaves, chopped coriander leaves, mashed green peas and potatoes, green chillies & ginger pounded coarsely. Make flat round shapes of the mixture or try little 3D squares. Heat a pan and add oil. Finish off these kebabs on the pan and set aside. Melt nutella in a bowl inside a microwave and roll the kebabs in it. Remove the nutella dripping by rubbing it off with pieces of bread making sure that the kebabs look smooth on the outside.

Serve hot with chilli sauce. Garnish with cashews and little chopped pieces of apple!

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