Spicy Mosambi Rice

**This is a Chef special from The Housewife Kitchen, do not copy without the written consent of the author. This is a copyright of Team “The Housewife Kitchen” However, please feel free to share this page link with proper credit. Cheers!**

Spice up your normal lemon/tamarind rice with an innovative twist to the age old ingredient used to add zing to the dish. Use Mosambi (Sweet Lime) to bring that sweet-sour combo as an additional top up to your already favourite rice dish!

What do we need?

Rice – 2 cups, ground nuts – 1 cup, green chillies – 4, red chillies – 4, mustard seeds – small spoonful, cumin seeds – small spoonful, ginger – 1 small piece, moong daal – 1 small spoonful, chana daal – 1 small spoonful, 6 large Mosambi (sweet lime), turmeric – a pinch, salt to taste, refined sunflower oil.

How do we prepare it?

Wash the rice and add turmeric to it and pour water to cook in the cooker. Meanwhile, juice the mosambi and collect all juice into a bowl. Add sugar and salt to it and mix well, keep aside. In a Kadhai, add oil and fry the red chillies and keep aside. Add oil in a frying pan and put in the groundnuts, chopped green chillies, moong daal and chana daal and fry till the groundnuts are nice to eat & crunchy. Add the mustard seeds and cumin seeds and let it crackle. Add this to the turmeric rice and mix well. Add the entire mosambi juice to the rice and mix well. Serve hot.

This can also be eaten with papad or samosa chips on the side!


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