Strawberry Chocolate Lollipops

Lollipops were every kid’s favourite pass time and here we are innovating on ways to get fruits and chocolates combined together for a pleasant sinful experience. Try the chocolate strawberry lollipop & then you know what you always missed at the movies – Finger licking good lollipops !

How are we going to prepare it?

Take a box of farm fresh strawberries. Wash them clean and keep the leaves intact to add a visual delight. Take hersheys chocolate syrup and pour it into a ice cube tray filling each cube of the tray only half with syrup. Dip each strawberry into each one of the cubes and freeze. After a couple of hours remove the cubes with the strawberry sticking out. Heat to remove the excess chocolate and trim with a kitchen knife to make the chocolate strawberry look like a cone. You can then serve by applying nutella to smooth over the rough cut edges made by the knife.

Best dessert ever! Serve them as lollipops with toothpicks stumped into them.

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