Apple Paneer Jalfrezi

Apples are a favorite fruit that can be used cleverly in savoury dishes.Yes,that’s right, we said it ! Try our unique Chef exclusive recipe of Apple Paneer Jalfrezi and find out what you always were unknown to !

Chilli Apple Paratha

If parathas are your favourite food for lunch, you will surely know what you are missing – yes, you’ve got to taste our inventive Apple Chilli combo paratha; we promise you, heaven is right here !

Apple Sweet Lime Fries

Tired of eating the same old french fries every time you visit the movies? Let us add zing to your evening with superheroes and crime thrillers with this punchy pepper split apple sweet lime fries !

Kiwi Coconut Chutney

An innovative spin to the traditional way of making our favourite coconut chutney for idli and dhoklas is to add the punch of Kiwis to it! A perfect fusion food of a zespri Kiwi delight in an Indian breakfast menu!

Fried Watermelon Cashew Delight

If you are looking to make a restaurant quality dessert at home and impress your party gang, this fried watermelon with Caramelised Cashews & a healthy scoop of yogurt / vanilla ice cream is perfect for the serve!

French Beans Mosambi Masala

Mosambi with French Beans is an awesome taste combination! Try this masala curry and surprise yourself with a citrus-y curry that has fantastic health benefits of Mosambi in it!

Oats Paneer Kebabs

Healthy breakfast always reminds us of oats. Oats can, however, be a fussy breakfast option for kids but we bet that they will gobble up these healthy low calorie oats paneer kebabs and pester you for more!

Cashew Okra Masala

Spicy Okra Kaju masala without the usual garam masala? Yes, we have a secret ingredient that makes this dish taste entirely different & yummier than ever before!

Quinoa Oats Idli

Idli is a very nutritious food and if it’s made from oats and quinoa then it’s a double treat for a healthy breakfast early morning! Try this easy and super nutritious recipe for making a breakfast item that your family as well as your dietician will adore!

Oats Poha

Poha is a great breakfast option for a quick morning cook. What if it is healthy too? Oats Poha is just that breakfast recipe you were looking for!

Sprouts Dhokla

Sprouts are a very healthy treat early morning or as part of your daily diet. Try this wonderful breakfast item of sprouts dhokla and stay healthy!

Sewai Bread Upma

You have tasted bread upma and you’ve also tasted sewai upma, haven’t you? Well, at “The Housewife Kitchen” we combine the two and bring you our Chef exclusive recipe of Sewai Bread Upma! It’s innovative and totally finger licking tasty !