Thai Watermelon Salad

**This is a Chef exclusive recipe from The Housewife Kitchen, do not copy without the written consent of the author. This is a copyright of Team “The Housewife Kitchen” However, please feel free to share this page link with proper credit. Cheers!**

What do we need?

Chopped watermelon -1 cup, chopped cucumber -1 cup, green chillies – 2 chopped finely, Bell pepper -1 small cup chopped up, 1 cup of roasted peanuts and cashews chopped up finely, 1/2 spoon vinegar, 1 large spoonful of farm fresh lemon juice, 1 large spoonful of farm fresh orange juice, 1 spoonful of chilli garlic sauce, salt & black pepper powder as per taste preference, ginger finely chopped – 1 small spoonful, 1/2 cup finely chopped mint leaves, 1/2 cup finely chopped basil leaves.

How to prepare it?

Roast the finely chopped cashews & peanuts till the raw smell goes off. Add the chopped cucumber, watermelon, bell pepper (green capsicum) into one bowl. Add salt and black pepper powder and mix well. Add the ginger and 1/2 spoonful of chilli paste into it and mix well.

In another cup, mix lemon juice and the orange juice. Add the chilli garlic sauce & vinegar to it. Season it with salt and pour into the bowl of our fruits & veggies. Add the chopped mint leaves and basil leaves. Garnish with the finely chopped cashews and peanuts!

Perfect addition to an Indian vegetarian lunch treat !


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