Sprouts Dhokla

What do we need?

We will need 1 small bowl of healthy fresh sprouts, green chillies – 4 finely chopped, sesame seeds 2-3 spoons, asfoetida, curry leaves-a little bunch of leaves will be enough, coriander finely chopped,  salt, Eno – 1 small spoon (fruit salt) for fluffiness of the dhokla, green gram flour (besan) – 1 small cup, sunflower oil to grease the dhokla steamer.

How do we prepare it?

Making the dhokla mixture :

1. Mix the fresh sprouts and finely chopped green chillies in a bowl.

2. Put it in a blender and add little water to loosen it up and make a liquid consistency paste from it. Keep aside.

3. Add a little water and fruit salt to it. Mix with green gram flour and salt as per taste preference.

4. If bubbles come, mix well to remove the air. Grease the dhokla steamer and pour the mixture into it.

5. Steam till the dhoklas are cooked.

Making the Dhokla tadka:

1. In a non stick pan, add a bit of oil and mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asfoetida, finely chopped green chillies, curry leaves and sauté.

2. Pour the tadka on the cooked dhokla mixture and once the mixture cools off, cut cubes and garnish with curry leaves & serve with mint chutney!



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  1. rarelicious says:

    Very nice way of using sprouts in our diet. They are very nutritious. Please check http://rarelicious.wordpress.com for another simple sprouts recipe.

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    1. The Housewife Kitchen says:

      Thanks 🙂 Will check for sure !


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