Apple Sweet Lime Fries

What do we need?

Apples-3,Sweet limes-3,vinegar, powder sugar, lemon -1,salt, red chilli powder, pepper powder, chili flakes.


How to prepare it?

1. Cut the apples into thin lengthwise pieces. Leave the skin on the apples.



2. Squeeze the sweet limes into a bowl.


3. Add lemon juice, a small spoon of vinegar & salt. Mix well.


4. Pound the pepper into a coarse powder and keep ready.


5. In a non stick pan, pour the sweet lime juice and fry the apple pieces on a slow flame.


6. Add the red chilli powder, pepper powder,1 spoon powder sugar and the chili flakes. Stir well and let it cook till the watery part evaporates.


7. Once cooked, remove from stove and serve hot with chilli sauce. Dab the extra juice with a tissue before serving.



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