Chinese Bread Beans

How to prepare Chinese bread beans?

  1. Cut french beans and carrots lengthwise into thin strips. 20161016_181754 (2).jpg20161016_181038-2
  2. In a non stick pan, add a little oil. Put a spoonful of ginger garlic paste & cumin seeds and let it crackle. 20161016_183150.jpg
  3. Add the french beans and cook till they are crunchy. Do not let them cook too much as they need to be cooked further with the carrots too. 20161016_183441.jpg
  4. Now add the carrots and cook them till soft yet crunchy. 20161016_183721 (2).jpg
  5. Once done, add tomato ketchup, green chili sauce, soy sauce and mix well. 20161016_184712 (2).jpg
  6. Remove from stove and stuff it into bread slices and seal with butter on all sides. Deep fry in oil and serve hot!as.png

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