Bread Gulab Jamun

  1. Take a few slices of bread. We also need a little corn flour and sweetened milk.3.
  2. We will take a few cardamoms and grind to a fine powder either in a mixer or with a pestle. 2..jpg
  3. Grind the bread and corn flour mixture to a fine powder in a mixer. Add the cardamom powder to it.


4. Add milk to the bread mixture and make balls to fry in sugar syrup.

Optional Step: You can also make a dry fruits milk mixture before using it for making the gulab jamun balls. For this, you will need a few almonds, soaked and peeled, cashews and few raisins. Grind them together in a mixer with milk such that the mixture should have liquid consistency (i.e. the quantity of milk should be more)



5. Now, we will make the sugar syrup. Take a cup of sugar in a pan  and add water till the sugar drowns in it.


6. Keep the pan on a low flame and let the sugar melt by stirring. Cook the syrup till it has half string consistency.  9.

7. In another pan, put 2 cups of oil, let the oil boil and then fry the gulab jamuns in it until they turn brown. Remove from oil and drain the extra oil with a kitchen paper towel and put into the sugar syrup. Hot bread gulab jamuns are ready, garnish with chocolate shavings !




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  1. Megala says:

    Beautiful & delicious !!

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