Aloo Spring Roll Bonda

  1. Boil some potatoes and cut up onions and green chilies lengthwise. Mash them and keep aside.


2. Cut up beans and cook them in water beforehand to soften them. You can also add a bit of garlic mashed to get extra flavor. In case you are cutting carrots into cubes, add them into the water too. If you are grating the carrot then there is no need to do this step. 20180417_195830.jpg

3. We will need one cabbage and a carrot. Cut the cabbage and grate the carrot. 20180418_100056


4. Cut up shimla mirchi and keep aside.

5. We will also need soy sauce and green chilli sauce and ginger garlic paste. You can also add a little tomato sauce as per preference.


5. Mix all the vegetables and cook till they soften. Add soy sauce, chili sauce, salt to taste, turmeric, ginger garlic paste. Once they cook, add potatoes, onions and chilies – add cumin seeds and mix well till cooked.

7. Take gram flour in a bowl and mix water to make liquid consistency. Add salt and red chili powder as per taste preference. Make balls of the aloo spring roll curry and dip in it. Deep fry and serve hot!



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