Mixed Fruit Pakora

1. Cut up two fresh kiwis into small pieces. Alternately you can also grate them, but pieces in the pakora will be more delicious than grated kiwi.


2. Grate a few pieces of pineapple and make 1/3 cup of orange juice. 20171007_104822-1

3. Carefully de-seed two guavas and grate them. We will also make juice of two sweet limes for the citrus punch in the pakoras. 10


4. Cut up two onions and keep aside. 20171010_083308

5. Grate two small pieces of a raw mango (kairee) and keep aside. Alternately, you can also make use of amchur powder but fresh fruit is always recommended. IMG_0047

6. In order to add some veggie crunch to the pakoras – grate a carrot and keep aside. 20161207_091626

7. Grate one red apple too and keep aside. You can also alternately cut them into smaller pieces – in that case, please remove the outer skin of the apple before cutting into pieces. Also, cut up black grapes into small pieces and keep aside.



8. We will also use cashews and almonds cut up into small pieces for adding into the pakora mix. Take a half glass of milk and soak the almonds and cashews in it. Remove the outer coating of the almonds after they are soaked. Cut up the cashews and almonds after they are soaked and keep aside. You can also add cardamom powder if you prefer. Make fine powder of the cardamom. 20161126_075320-1



9. In a bowl, take 3 cups of gram flour & add all the ingredients to it. Add salt and red chilli powder as per taste preference.

10. Mix water and make a pakora style consistency. Deep fry in oil and serve hot with tomato sauce 🙂 You can also grate a gracious amount of cheese on top to enhance the taste!


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