Fruit Bhurji Samosa

  1. Finely grate one big red apple. 20160925_104535.jpg
  2. Roast one Kiwi in little ghee and grate it. Keep aside.4
  3. In a pan,add little ghee.Roast a piece of watermelon(de-seeded).Grate it and keep aside.20160918_105347
  4. In a pan,roast cashews & almonds.In a mixer,grind them to a powder & keep aside.BeFunky Collage.jpg
  5. Finely chop onions,capsicum,green chilies and tomatoes.20161203_182155.jpg
  6. In a pot,boil 1 cup water.Put frozen paneer pieces in it & close with the lid for 30 mins20160926_174257
  7. Once the frozen paneer softens,crumble it and keep aside.20161203_184724.jpg
  8. In a pan,pour 2 spoons of sunflower oil.Add cumin seeds & ginger garlic paste & saute. Once they crackle,add the vegetables.Pour half cup water and let it cook with the lid on.Once cooked,add turmeric (1 pinch),salt and red chili powder as per taste preference.Add grated fruits & crumbled paneer.Add the cashew almond powder,mix well & turn off heat. Keep aside the bhurji to cool.

    9. Make the samosa dough and fill the bhurji in triangular samosa. Deep fry and serve hot!


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