Kiwi Manchurian Paratha

What we will need?

We will need frozen paneer, finely chopped capsicum, cabbage, grated carrots, tomatoes, onions & green chilies.


Also, we will need staples used for manchurian like soy sauce, green chili sauce, ginger garlic paste, tomato ketchup, corn flour & all purpose flour.

The hero of this dish is the Kiwi fruit! We will first cut the kiwi into lengthwise slices and roast it on a non stick pan with just a very little bit of ghee. Set them aside to cool.


In a bowl, take a little corn flour and mix with it all purpose flour. Add salt and ginger garlic paste and mix together.


Then, add red chili powder per taste preference and mix again.


Now, add the paneer pieces in it and make sure the pieces are coated thoroughly with the flour mix.


In a non stick pan, add oil and shallow fry the paneer pieces and set aside on a plate. 20160930_185147

If there is excess of oil, then remove it by dabbing with tissue paper.


Now, in the same pan, fry the chopped vegetables till they are cooked.


Once they are cooked, add the soy sauce, green chili sauce & tomato ketchup in little portions. Mix thoroughly. Add another bit of ginger garlic paste and stir perfectly.


Once they are cooked perfectly, add the chopped pieces of kiwi & the fried paneer into the pan and stir continuously. Make sure you do not burn the kiwi fruit pieces. Chef Tip: You can alternately roast the kiwi fruit pieces and blend them into a paste in a grinder. This paste (of liquid consistency) can then be added at the stage where the different sauces are added into the manchurian.


Kiwi Paneer Manchurian is now ready. Keep aside to cool the mixture.


Prepare the dough with whole wheat flour. Use the manchurian for making the stuffing of the paratha. Roll into parathas by making multiple layers just like a lachcha paratha, finish off on a pan.


Yummy Kiwi Manchurian Paratha is ready to serve hot with a side dip of your choice!



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