Pumpkin Halwa Paratha

  • Cut up a slice of a red pumpkin. Make sure that the slice is not too big. Remove the seeds.           100_6101-0
  • Grate this slice of pumpkin and keep aside.20161207_091626.jpg
  •  We will need a cup of sugar and some cardamoms.In a grinder,make powder of the cardamoms.20161207_131114.jpg
  • In a pan,put the grated pumpkin & pour milk till the grated pumpkin is completely covered1.jpg
  • Once the mix thickens,add sugar & cardamom powder.Stir well & remove from heat.


  • Let the mixture cool off and make round shaped balls with it.20161207_124802
  • Take whole wheat flour and prepare a dough. Enclose the halwa balls with the flour dough and make flat parathas. Cook them in ghee on medium flame.

    Serve your hot parathas with dry fruits garnish and chilled yogurt for best results!


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