Pumpkin Kiwi Masala

  1. Take a slice of red pumpkin and remove the seeds. You can either dice it up into cubes or grate it. We will also need a carrot grated finely.

2. We need two kiwis. Skin it and dice it into pieces.


3. Cut up a tomato into fine pieces. Also we will need a capsicum diced into pieces.



4. Make ready all the spices and the lentils needed for the curry. We will need cumin seeds, coriander powder, mustard seeds, bengal gram, black gram, 2 green chilies and a couple of red chilies. Also, we will use a little bit of fresh orange juice to add zest to the curry.


5. We will also use grated raw mango for the curry. You can also use aamchur also in place of fresh raw mango pieces.


6. Take a pan and add a little bit of oil to it. Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, bengal gram and black gram. Let it crackle.


7. In a separate kadhai, add a little oil and cook the pumpkin pieces together with the tomato, grated carrot, diced kiwis and the grated raw mango (if you are using aamchur, you can simply add it at the end along with the salt, red chili powder etc.)


8. Once cooked, add the green chilies, red chilies and stir well. Add salt, red chili powder as per taste preference. Also add a spoonful of orange juice and mix well. Garnish with cashews. Pumpkin kiwi curry is ready to be served with rice/roti/parathas 🙂




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