Bottle-Gourd Paneer Barfi

Bottle Gourd is a misunderstood vegetable when it comes to sweets but we at Housewife Kitchen make it the best dessert ever served at a kitty party ! Try out this delicious and different recipe of a bottle gourd paneer barfi !


Carrot Puran Poli

Why always do we need to make our favorite Puran Poli with jaggery? Read our Chef exclusive recipe of yummy and tasty Carrot Puran Poli !

Pumpkin Laddu

Home made sinfully sweet pumpkin laddus will eventually be your way to show your kitty party gang how innovative your cooking gets with desserts on your menu!

Cabbage Pickle

Vegetables in pickles? Why not! Try our spicy cabbage pickle with rotis or parathas and enthrall your diners!

Fruit Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji with a dash of fruit-y flavors from punchy Kiwis to sweet apples are a delight you don’t want to miss! Try our Chef Exclusive recipe of Fruit Paneer Bhurji and enjoy the fusion!

Stuffed Potato Button Idli

Who said idlis need to be the same old boring breakfast early morning? Try out our innovative stuffed potato button idlis and freshen up your traditional idli recipe!

Fruit & Bread Manchurian

For all those who believe that Chinese flavors and manchurian preparations go well only with vegetables, here is our Chef exclusive recipe featuring bread & fruits in our traditional Paneer Manchurian dish!

Saunf (Fennel Seeds) Chutney

If you are too bored to use the same old chutney powders in your idlis & dosas, The Housewife Kitchen Team suggests you try out our Chef exclusive recipe for a high punch Saunf Chutney!

Dry Fruits Sweet Puri

Have you imagined how delightfully tasty it would be to have syrupy dry fruits puri melt in your mouth? Find out with this Chef exclusive recipe from The Housewife Kitchen!

Chinese Bread Beans

Chinese bread treats are unquestionably the best ones that we can count on for a tea time snack! Try out our Chef exclusive recipe for Chinese Bread Beans and impress your evening tea time party guests !

Kiwi Ridge Gourd Skin Chutney

Add a citrus punch to an otherwise bland vegetable chutney – Chef exclusive recipe – Kiwi Ridge Gourd Skin Chutney 🙂

Hibiscus Halwa

Hibiscus is a chosen flower at The Housewife Kitchen and our Chef exclusive menu features the hearty and yummy hibiscus Halwa! Care to try?