Chinese Bread Beans

Chinese bread treats are unquestionably the best ones that we can count on for a tea time snack! Try out our Chef exclusive recipe for Chinese Bread Beans and impress your evening tea time party guests !


Kiwi Ridge Gourd Skin Chutney

Add a citrus punch to an otherwise bland vegetable chutney – Chef exclusive recipe – Kiwi Ridge Gourd Skin Chutney 🙂

Hibiscus Halwa

Hibiscus is a chosen flower at The Housewife Kitchen and our Chef exclusive menu features the hearty and yummy hibiscus Halwa! Care to try?

Kiwi Gooseberry Chutney

Kiwis are a citrus-y fruit and make a fine addition to a traditional gooseberry chutney. Try out this unique Chef exclusive recipe from the innovative team of The Housewife Kitchen!

Guava Chutney

Guava is a rich source of vitamin C and using it to make a spicy interesting chutney for your sandwiches or Chapati is a fabulous idea!

Kiwi Paneer Manchurian

Kiwi fruits are citrus-y and provide a nice punch in a Manchurian. The Chinese flavors blend well and indeed it is a wonderful innovative lunch menu item!

Mango Yogurt Swirl

Yogurt & Mango are a match made in heaven! Try this easy creative & gorgeous looking dessert and find out for yourself!

Apple Paneer Jalfrezi

Apples are a favorite fruit that can be used cleverly in savoury dishes.Yes,that’s right, we said it ! Try our unique Chef exclusive recipe of Apple Paneer Jalfrezi and find out what you always were unknown to !

Chilli Apple Paratha

If parathas are your favourite food for lunch, you will surely know what you are missing – yes, you’ve got to taste our inventive Apple Chilli combo paratha; we promise you, heaven is right here !

Apple Sweet Lime Fries

Tired of eating the same old french fries every time you visit the movies? Let us add zing to your evening with superheroes and crime thrillers with this punchy pepper split apple sweet lime fries !

Kiwi Coconut Chutney

An innovative spin to the traditional way of making our favourite coconut chutney for idli and dhoklas is to add the punch of Kiwis to it! A perfect fusion food of a zespri Kiwi delight in an Indian breakfast menu!

Fried Watermelon Cashew Delight

If you are looking to make a restaurant quality dessert at home and impress your party gang, this fried watermelon with Caramelised Cashews & a healthy scoop of yogurt / vanilla ice cream is perfect for the serve!