Fried Watermelon Cashew Delight

What do we need?

Watermelon – 4 triangular pieces, honey, ghee, cashews – 1 cup, sugar powder, vanilla ice cream scoop or yogurt.

How to prepare it?

1. Wash and slice the watermelon into triangular shaped pieces as shown here.


2. Remove the seeds and the skin of the watermelon carefully.


3. In a non stick pan, add a bit of ghee and fry the watermelon pieces till they turn golden orange. Be careful to toss around the watermelon to fry it equally on all sides.

20160918_105347.jpg4. In another pan, pour a little honey and roast the cashews till they are caramelised.


5. Once caramelised, remove from heat and keep aside. Now add a scoop of yogurt/ vanilla ice cream on the fried watermelon piece, put the cashews over them and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve hot!




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